Article marketing checklist

One of my favorite methods of marketing (for my business and for many of my clients’ businesses) is article marketing. Here’s a checklist to make them more effective for your business. Articles give you backlinks, they help you to rank for keywords, and you appear more often in search results. I also like article marketing […]

Why sales funnel strategy is going to be a big trend in 2011

In the past decade (plus a little bit), the internet has created a universe of opportunity for new and old businesses to become marketing machines. This has been good… but it has also been bad. In pre-internet days, businesses would think up some marketing ideas, have them created by professionals, and rely on more traditional […]

Online reputation management: How to clean up or eliminate unfavorable search results

No matter how good your business is, you’re bound to get some bad press at some point. It’s a part of business but wouldn’t be so bad… if it didn’t appear on the first page of a Google search result! Somehow, bad news or reviews seem magnetized to the very top of search results, and […]

My 5 favorite content channels

I’m frequently asked by clients where they should concentrate their efforts while marketing their business. They know that the right content in the right channels can make a significant and positive impact on their business but there are so many choices! Of course, every business is different but here are a few that I recommend […]

Marketing strategy tips: 13 tips to develop a powerful marketing strategy

Image via Wikipedia Lots of businesses use the flavor-of-the-week approach to marketing. They read about great success that a business has had with articles so they have a bunch of articles written one week. Then they read about press releases another week and they have some press releases written. Then they learn about successful marketers […]