Fast, simple ways to improve your business on the fly

Starting and growing a business can be tough. It can feel like you are juggling and trying to keep a whole bunch of balls in the air at once. If you lose your focus for just a moment, the whole thing seems like it can come crashing down. Then, in the midst of all that […]

Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Analytics, productivity, and content marketing’ edition

It was a short week of reading because I was travelling for part of it. So here’s what read this week… The snapshot is not the game. Have you ever read a blog post and felt that you were looking at only the part of the iceberg that was above the water? That’s what I […]

Your sales funnel equation

In the American Express OpenForum, author Braden Kelley explore an equation he calls “the innovation equation”. You can read the full article here. But calling this equation an innovation equation falls far short of what it really is (in my opinion). I think this equation is brilliant but it is so much MORE about your […]

Social media metrics in your sales funnel

I was in a conversation with another business owner recently about blogs. We were discussing traffic and the large volume of people he gets to his blog, then he asked me how many visitors I get. I don’t like playing this game of “how big is yours?”. By comparison, I get considerably less traffic than […]