I was skeptical about Radio Shack’s Super Bowl commercial. And then I watched it…

Radio Shack is pretty bland… and it has been for as long as I remember. I suppose there could have been a time when their business model was cutting-edge-meets-convenience: They could have been the go-to place for consumer technology with convenient locations in the mall. But if that was the case, it was decades ago… […]

Why Taco Bell’s ‘Viva Young’ commercial is surprisingly effective

I almost never watch live television — everything gets PVR’d so I can fast forward through the commercials. But sometimes a commercial will come on that make me watch it. Taco Bell’s ‘Viva Young’ commercial (which first aired during the SuperBowl) is that commercial. This commercial is surprisingly effective. The commercial is quirky, so it […]

Neal Lawson of ‘The Guardian’ is wrong: Why we shouldn’t ban outdoor advertising

On Facebook, a friend of mine posted a link to an article in the UK’s The Guardian newspaper. The article was written by Neal Lawson and it’s entitled “Ban Outdoor Advertising“. As someone who lives and breathes marketing and advertising, I think Lawson’s article is frustratingly naive (with all due respect to a fellow writer, […]