I was skeptical about Radio Shack’s Super Bowl commercial. And then I watched it…

Radio Shack is pretty bland… and it has been for as long as I remember. I suppose there could have been a time when their business model was cutting-edge-meets-convenience: They could have been the go-to place for consumer technology with convenient locations in the mall. But if that was the case, it was decades ago… […]

Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Referrals, ineffective advertising, and encouragement’ edition

Here are some things I read this week — applicable to all the audiences I write for (entrepreneurs, financial professionals, and real estate professionals)… 5 proven ways to drive more word of mouth referrals. It’s well known that word of mouth referrals are among the best and most profitable type of “marketing” there is. But […]

Why Taco Bell’s ‘Viva Young’ commercial is surprisingly effective

I almost never watch live television — everything gets PVR’d so I can fast forward through the commercials. But sometimes a commercial will come on that make me watch it. Taco Bell’s ‘Viva Young’ commercial (which first aired during the SuperBowl) is that commercial. This commercial is surprisingly effective. The commercial is quirky, so it […]

Itch marketing: How to get more people to buy from you

Have you ever had an itch you can’t scratch? It’s awful. When I was a kid, I would get a bad sunburn every summer and my skin would feel like bugs were crawling all over it for days on end — it was brutal because there was nothing I could do to alleviate it. My […]

Copywriting as storytelling: A reinterpretation of a TED video

One of the biggest challenges in copywriting is capturing the attention of your prospective buyer. And once you have that attention, the next biggest challenge in copywriting is keeping that attention. (Hint: After keeping their attention, the last biggest challenge in copywriting is getting them to act!) How do you do those things? In the […]