Aaron’s answers: Marketing jewelry

The Question: Nawal Kumar Roongta asked: “What innovative ideas, offers and sales techniques for selling diamonds and jewelry using Internet?” Aaron’s Answer: I worked with a client on exactly this problem just a couple of years ago. We found that lots of diamond/jewelry sites just showed the product. That’s okay but it can be hard […]

Aaron’s answers: Social media marketing

The Question: Andrew asked “What Social Networks Work Best For You? What Social Networks Work Best For You? 1. What social media (your own blogs, forums, wiki’s, etc) or social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Ecademy, Plaxo, Twitter, YouTube, etc) do you use for business purposes? 2. Out of all the available networks and media which ones […]

Aaron’s answers: Implementing strategy

The Question: Wilame Lima asked: “Why is it so hard to follow a strategy? While some companies don’t have prepared professionals or sectors to effectively plan their activities, others do not have this kind of problem. However, even for those, strategic planning becomes ineffective, this because of internal culture, lack of acceptation of the directors […]

Aaron’s answers: Consultative sales tips

The Question: Alex Badinici, an AdSense Account Manager at Google Ireland asked a question on LinkedIn: “Do you have any interesting materials/experiences on “Consultative Sales” to share with me?” Aaron’s Answer: Alex, Based on some of my experiences, I would recommend the following: * Become an expert in the industry you’re serving. Read widely from […]