Aaron’s answers: How to network at a conference

The Question: I am a real estate investor and I’m going to a local event shortly where I will be networking with other real estate investors and looking for money to fund my deals. I’ve got an introductory card that I give out but it isn’t pulling in as much response as I’d like. What […]

Aaron’s answers: How do I market my business online?

The Question: I was asked a great question through the private message boards on Guru.com. After briefly outlining his 3 new businesses, an entrepreneur asked: “I have never done much online but am interested in the effectiveness of blogging, press releases, etc.. If i am just beginning each of these businesses, what would you recommend […]

Aaron’s answers: Increasing website conversions

The Question: Steve asked: How to increase the number of conversions? How one can increase the number of conversions with the limited number of visitors he is getting.. Thanks, Steve Aaron’s Answer: I quickly looked at your website and have a couple of suggestions: 1. Your “order now” button is buried in a list of […]

Aaron’s answers: 4 indicators that a business will be successful

The Question: John Cameron asked: What are the leading indicators of business success? When you see a business and think that it has a great future, what are you seeing? I’d like the answers to focus on either entrepreneurs or businss owners. I realize that they never really separate,but entrepreneurs bring business ideas to life […]

Aaron’s answers: How to market a virtual product

The Question: Ed Wills asked: What is the best way to market a virtual product? I have just finished an e-book on using social media to market small businesses. I have considerable experience in marketing both tangibles and intangibles, but am now struggling to develop a good marketing plan for virtuals. The book outlines a […]