Discover and implement effective sales funnel tactics used by other businesses

In a previous blog post, I listed 99 ways to optimize your sales funnel and grow your business. One of the tips I gave was to “Look at businesses you’ve bought from who share a similar business model. Map out their business plan to see how it compares to yours.” Here’s how to do that: […]

A counter-intuitive sales funnel tip to increasing sales in your business

When implementing your sales funnel in your business, one of your goals should be to optimize your sales funnel to get more people moving through each stage on their way toward becoming a Customer. And, when most people think about sales funnel optimization, they think of reducing the number of steps that someone has to […]

99 ways to optimize your sales funnel and grow your business

Grow a profitable business by focusing on the right things… and one of the most important things you can focus on is a well-defined, smooth-flowing sales funnel that takes in audience members and converts more and more of them into customers. Select one of these 99 ideas, work at it, reap the results, and come […]