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Aaron Hoos Partners For Growth

Aaron Hoos is a Strategic Investment Partner who focuses on global small-cap and venture-cap private equity and real estate investments.

Aaron invests in cash flowing businesses with strong fundamentals run by passionate founders who need capital resources to grow and exit in 3-5 years
Aaron's investing philosophy is simple: he finds a passionate founder with a cash flowing business model and then uses a 3-step process -- Aspire, Execute, Optimize -- to add value. 

 Goals: 1. Invest in existing founder-led companies that produce sales and want to grow.
2. Invest for passive income that scales with a well-built sales funnel system.
3. Deploy multiple exit strategies for a win for all stakeholders 

Aaron focuses on key fundamentals in every opportunity: 
  1. The market, audience, and opportunity
  2. The marketing and sales funnel
  3. The financials
  4. The founder and team

Aaron’s holdings include businesses in a variety of industries. He holds or has held investments in marketing and social media firms, bookkeeping firms, training and coaching companies, consulting firms, commercial property, residential property, self-storage, and more.

Who Is Aaron Hoos?

Aaron is the co-founder of the following organizations:
  • FuDog Group: a personal growth coaching company for entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • Business Forge: a firm that invests in companies to help them grow toward an exit.
  • Velocity 360: an investment fund.


What Others Are Saying About Aaron Hoos

"Aaron has an awesome attitude and is a dream collaborator... I am thrilled to have Aaron on "my team"."
Deborah Torres-Patel

 "Aaron is the definition of a professional! He is not only a professional of the highest standards, he is a true gift of a person to work with."
Robert Minzak

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