Which is better — a sure thing or a gamble?

My friend is facing an interesting dilemma and I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I finally decided to write it out as a blog post just to get it out of my brain and because I sometimes do a bit of my best thinking while writing. I guess that’s a bit of a […]

Yes, you CAN time the market (just not in the way you want)

Timing the market is the most ridiculous idea out there. (Well, maybe not the MOST ridiculous idea out there but it’s pretty out there and it’s pretty pervasive so maybe it’s high up on the list). The thinking behind timing the stock market goes something like this: “Oooh! I want to buy that stock. But […]

7 ways that real estate professionals can differentiate themselves from their competition

I love the real estate industry. There is so much opportunity for an entrepreneurial, self-starting salesperson to succeed. Unfortunately, when I look around at real estate professionals within the industry, I see many professionals who struggle. With all due respect to my friends, colleagues, and clients in the real estate industry, one of the problems […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Home price growth rates by state

Real estate investors invest for two types of return: Income and Appreciation. Income is generated from rental. Appreciation is generated from buying low and selling high. The good folks at 29doors.com and turbometrics.com created an infographic about how home prices have appreciated or depreciated by state, year over year and in the past 3, 5, […]

25 ways that real estate professionals can position themselves as local experts

One of the ways that real estate professionals market their services is by positioning themselves as “local experts” — someone who knows the city/neighborhood/community extremely well. I’ve always been torn about the value of this marketing technique. (In fact, I listed it as one of 5 marketing tactics that real estate professionals use that can […]