10 ecourses a property manager should write

Property managers work with many different groups — owners, landlords, tenants, contractors — and they need to build and maintain relationships with each group. Ecourses are a way that they can add new people to their list of prospective clients or prospective vendors or prospective tenants. Here are 10 ecourses that property managers should write… […]

Simple but brilliant real estate marketing strategy

Real estate professionals are always looking for an edge to help them sell more houses. There are a lot of houses to sell (and many more coming on the market) and a lot of real estate professionals vying for those sales. What can a real estate pro do to help them gain just a little […]

Forget profit… Just do the first deal

Entrepreneurs put a lot of pressure on themselves to start a profitable business. Although that is the ultimate goal, it can be a huge obstacle at the very beginning. And I’ve seen that obstacle actually PREVENT entrepreneurs from starting a business — they’re so focused on “how do I earn a profit on this deal?” […]

How to solve the biggest problem you face in your financial or real estate business

What is the biggest challenge or problem you face in your business? What do you feel is keeping you from reaching the next level? What is the one thing that, if you could eliminate it, would break the chain and truly unleash you? Hopefully you can think of one thing that you feel is really […]