Repurposing Failed Innovation

First, let me give credit where it is due: put me onto this article. Read this short but sweet article at BusinessWeek .com: “How to Repurpose Failed Innovation” about  what businesses can do to generate new revenue from failed first-tries. Every business has these failed items sitting around. They’ve sunk money into them but […]

Innovation ideas from an ambivalent customer

In January 2008 my wife and I bought a furnace and air conditioning system from a local franchise of this company. Along with the standard expectations of hot air and cold air, it also came with various good-for-the-environment and good-for-our-health features that we liked. We paid the equivalent of a small car (with undercoating) and […]

Equal is not good enough

Years ago, when studying to become a stockbroker, my classmates and I were discussing the relationship between risk and reward among investors. Our instructor gave us a useful rule-of-thumb: “Between two investments of equal return, the rational investor will choose the one with a lower risk. And, between two investments of equal risk, the rational […]

If social networking sites were college students

This was my most popular article on a previous incarnation of this blog. I’ve updated it and reposted it by request. Imagine that every social networking site were a college student. Here’s who they’d be: In the general arts degree program: The self-absorbed senior who’s been attending college for 8 years to get a […]