On external forces affecting the business

When I’m introducing the Business Diamond Framework™ to someone, one of the questions I’m asked is “where does my industry and competition fit?”. Indeed, their question could be broadened out even further — “Where does my target market fit?” “Where does the economy fit?”Those questions are understandable because the Framework seems to be a picture […]

Favorite video: Vision of manufacturing video

Decided to add another weekly feature to my blog: Favorite videos. Most of these will be related to business, strategy, and/or marketing in some way. This week’s favorite video: Microsoft’s future vision of manufacturing. I like it when companies dream big and think about what could be; I think it contribute to more than just […]

Today’s #bizlunchclub discussion: Automated Prescription Vending

User @kahji asked about Automated Prescription Vending machines on today’s BusinessLunchClub discussion. Great question! It made me think about the pros and cons, and I sent some in a tweet but am expanding on it here. Pros: Lower cost: Less cost for storage, pharm-techs, etc. Reduced human error: I can’t read those doctor’s prescriptions and […]

Tips to get more out of #businesslunchclub

If you’re a business owner who is stuck at your desk for lunch, you might be getting work done but you’re missing out on the powerful networking opportunities of a business lunch. That’s where BusinessLunchClub comes in. BusinessLunchClub is where entrepreneurs on Twitter have lunch. If you’re stuck at your desk but want to do […]