What periodicals of tomorrow will look like

Newspapers are struggling. Magazines are wondering “what’s next?” I wouldn’t say that paper-based communication is dead but I would say that it’s in the hospital and doctors are calling up the specialists. Chris Brogan, a business/tech/social media consultant (okay, that description falls short of what he actually does) had some insightful things to say about […]

A good helpdesk experience?

Normally, I avoid helpdesks as much as possible… for all the regular reasons. But I recently installed a new wireless router and the “quick install wizard” was neither quick nor installing and completely wizardless. In the process of installing, the wizard was supposed to replace the account I normally used to connect to the internet […]

5 things I hate about TV commercials (#1)

#1: Any commercial shown before 6pm or after 12am. Yes, I know that’s most of them. Daytime and late night commercials are terrible. Plain and simple. Many promote gender, ethnic, and age stereotypes in an effort to target their demographic. And they are universally of such poor quality that it makes me want to purposely […]

5 things I hate about TV commercials (#2)

#2: Disclaimers Disclaimers are appearing in more and more commercials. At first, they were stuck onto the end of car commercials in tiny and utterly unreadable-sized print telling the viewer that their car was subject to various taxes and that various discounts could not be combined and that the dealer may sell for less. Fine. […]