Worst customer service questionnaire ever

I use an online service for some communication support in my business. They’re okay. They don’t wow me but I haven’t found anything better at this point. I’ve had some minor technical issues and I’ve made some suggestions on their feedback site, but it’s all been fruitless. Today I was given this survey when I […]

Sales cycles and offerings

So, I’ve been working with a client on his business and he asked a very good question and my response became long winded and rambly and now I’m summarizing it here. Basically, the client is torn between two options:Offering a lot of free content on his site, or, offering a wealth of information but only […]

Press release tip

Press releases are a great way to promote your business and drive traffic to your site. They offer measurable keyword advantages when submitted online and you might even get some local coverage if submitted offline (to a local paper). But there is one make-or-break issue that I see often when asked to create a press […]

6 ways I’m creating opportunities from LinkedIn

I like the idea of LinkedIn. There are good “general” social networking sites but I like having a business-focused site where I can visit with the intention of doing business. For the past couple of years, LinkedIn has been part of my business plan but my participation has waxed and waned. Recently, I started looking […]