A business lesson from Dr. Frankenstein

It’s alive! It’s alive! Shelley’s Frankenstein reanimated the dead… and so should you. Every business has assets that it has invested in at some point — an ebook, a training manual, domain names — but they are just sitting dead and unproductive. You’ve paid for it. So why aren’t you using it? Have you invested […]

Fix your marketing problems

From time to time I’m asked to set up and manage Google AdWords campaigns for clients or I’m asked to advise them on how they might improve their campaigns. I’ve found that many clients would get their Google AdWords report but wouldn’t know what to do with it. So I developed this tool a couple […]

Recommended reading: Strategy Maps

The Balanced Scorecard is a popular strategy tool and it has helped businesses for years. But it is only able to go so far on its own, since its origins lie in reviewing instead of forward-looking. Strategy Maps fills that gap by helping businesses create a step-by-step strategic development vision. Strategy Maps extends Balanced Scorecard […]

iStopOver has a brilliant value proposition

I was doing some writing for an angel investing/venture capital site and my research took me to the blog of Rick Segal (of JLA Ventures). Good content there for investors and start-up founders! Anyway, one of the companies he mentioned in a recent blog was iStopOver. I read his little write-up about them then went […]