Introduction to the Business Diamond Framework

The Business Diamond Framework&trade is a tool I’ve created in the past couple of years to help businesses achieve profitable growth. From time to time, you’ll read about the Framework and how you can apply it to your business.

The Business Diamond Framework™ started life as a way for me to quickly understand my clients’ marketplace, goals, and needs so that I could write for them more effectively. But later, it became a tool that helped businesses to learn more about themselves, to develop competitor-defying innovation, and to implement strategy effectively.

Here’s why it’s relevant: Businesses want to grow but a growth path is not clearly laid out for them. They need to create strategy but which strategy to choose? There are a multitude of strategic development tools out there, but which ones are the right ones?

That’s what the Business Diamond Framework™ solves. The Framework combines two things:

  • A new way to think about a business
  • A methodology

Favorite commercials: The most interesting man in the world

My favorite commercials right now are for Dos Equiis. “The Most Interesting Man in the World” is a brilliant series and have done what plenty of other marketing has failed to do: Entice me to buy their product. The beer is decent (I’ve tasted better, I’ve tasted worse) and I have no illusions about actually becoming interesting, but the commercials entertain and — more importantly — the stick. When I’m at the beer store I see Dos Equis, I laugh at the memory of the commercial, and I buy the product.

Venture capital and private equity articles


This past summer and fall I had the privilege of working with members of the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association on the first issue of their magazine.

aaronhoos_client_cvca_pcmag Private Capital delivers news, opinion, and insight into the venture capital industry.

Visit the magazine’s web page here and download the premier issue here (8.5 Mbs).

My articles included:

  • Feature article: “The uncertain future of income trusts:
    Examining their role in businesses”
  • Feature article: “Investing in the future: The Macquarie Group’s efforts to help the less fortunate”
  • Column: “Canada’s buyout and VC sectors proving their mettle”
  • Column: “LP Trends In troubled times, where are savvy investors placing their bets?”


Roger McNamee, who is interviewed by another writer in this magazine, is one of those eccentric industry geniuses that break the mould. Hear him speak. His insight is pure gold.