Favorite commercials: The most interesting man in the world

My favorite commercials right now are for Dos Equiis. “The Most Interesting Man in the World” is a brilliant series and have done what plenty of other marketing has failed to do: Entice me to buy their product. The beer is decent (I’ve tasted better, I’ve tasted worse) and I have no illusions about actually […]

Venture capital and private equity articles

This past summer and fall I had the privilege of working with members of the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association on the first issue of their magazine. Private Capital delivers news, opinion, and insight into the venture capital industry. Visit the magazine’s web page here and download the premier issue here (8.5 Mbs). […]

Google Trends: (mis)fortune teller

I was in Google Trends the other day, doing some research for a client. On a whim, I decided to also see the search trend for “recession”. What an interesting find! Here is Google’s Trend graph: At first glance, it’s shocking to see how much the search volume and news references have grown. It’s shocking, […]

Crossed Off: I’ve Started My New Blog Here At AaronHoos.com

Finally! After months of “I-need-to-do-that-soon”, and one false start with some hosting that wasn’t up to the task, I’ve finally created this blog. Welcome to the shiny new AaronHoos.com. Oh, I’ve had blogs before. After a brief hiatus in the corporate world, I re-started my freelance writing business in August 2005 and shortly after that […]