Do You WOW Your Customers? (Many Say They Do But Very Few Actually Do)

(Okay, ignore that silly picture of me. I’m apparently reflecting the same WOWed face of a statue of a famous Greek philosopher.) Instead, let’s talk about WOWing customers… Do you serve your customers? Do you WOW them? You might THINK you do but you probably don’t. Nope. Even YOU. Customer Service: The Misunderstood Deliverable Customer […]

(Swipe-And-Deploy Template) How To Set Up The Financial Structure/Processes For Your Freelance Business

Financials seem boring but they’re really not. They’re good practices that pay off in better decisions, more money, less stress, and extra time. What’s not to love about that?!? Master your finances and you’ll master your business. Problem is, a lot of people procrastinate on their financials because they think it is complicated and overly-detailed. […]