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Aaron Hoos

My name is Aaron Hoos. I’m a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels.

  • As a writer, I write about business, financial, and real estate topics for books, magazines, blogs, textbooks, and training courses.
  • As a strategist, I combine my financial background, MBA, and entrepreneurial experience to build businesses and advise entrepreneurs.
  • As an investor, I invest in businesses and real estate with a preference for passive cash-flowing investments based on strong fundamentals and proven models.

I believe sales funnels are the foundational driver that influences all business success and failure, so I build and optimize them (for my own businesses and occasionally for clients) with the goal of creating fast-flowing, highly-profitable, sustainable sales funnels.

Topics That I Think And Write About

I spend a lot of time thinking about business and how companies can grow profitably, and I examine the capital and real estate markets for exciting ideas and opportunities. Then I distill that information into compelling, easy-to-understand, actionable insight for blogs, books, and magazines.

My Projects And Clients

I’m the author of The Sales Funnel Bible, a handbook for business owners to help them start, run, and grow a profitable business.

I’ve written several other books, too; some of which can be found here.

My work appears in McGraw-Hill textbooks, as well as publications like Success Magazine, Inc. Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Alberta Oil Magazine, Private Capital Magazine, Aspire Magazine, ThinkSales Magazine, Contracting Business Magazine, CEO World Magazine.

Most of my work appears in books, magazines, blogs, textbooks and training courses, but sometimes I accept writing or consultation projects from clients. My clients range from one-person start-ups to well-known multinationals. Some of my clients include:


Want to see more? I’ve been a a professional writer and strategist since 1994 so I have a long list of clients I’ve worked with. You can view my portfolio blogs posts that list case studies, answers to questions I’m asked, client spotlights or something I’ve published. Be sure to view my long list of testimonials as well.

Speaking And Advising (And Blatant Name-Dropping)

I speak and teach on topics like sales funnels, strategy, marketing, copywriting, technical writing, business management, and entrepreneurship. I’ve shared the stage with Jay Abraham and Mike Michalowicz.

In my work as a marketing strategist and copywriter, I’ve worked with Dan Kennedy, Dan Kuschell, Ari Meisel, Brian Kurtz, and many others.

Aaron Hoos

Business Portfolio

My portfolio of business holdings include companies I own outright, as well as companies I am a partner or shareholder in. Although this changes from time to time (and I sometimes forget to update it), my holdings at the moment include:

  • A marketing agency for real estate investors
  • A consulting firm for home service companies
  • A social media company for real estate professionals
  • A podcasting curation company
  • A financial journal that reports on niche equities
  • Rental real estate in the US and Canada
  • A training and education company for niche real estate investors

Other Stuff That Proves I’m Not A Business-Building Robot

Aaron Hoos

I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada with my wife, Janelle. When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading and drinking coffee; I also like traveling, cooking, running, and exploring the city I live in.

  • My undergrad degree included studies in psychology counseling, and even literary analysis of ancient religious texts—all of which I use in my work every single day!
  • I once rappelled down a 22-storey building. And loved it. Time to go higher!
  • I’m insatiably curious. Everything is an experiment and I’m always learning.
  • I like to try new food. I won’t eat anything endangered but other than that: if it’s edible, I’ll try it!
  • I read widely—from business, finance, and real estate topics (obviously), to historical non-fiction (especially arctic exploration and urban morphology) to post-apocalyptic zombie fiction. Oh, and I review financial fiction. My favorite book is Moby Dick.

Learn even more about me at the following blog post: Aaron Hoos: More than you need to know about me, plus 8 random facts.

Offical Bio

Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. His actionable insights help entrepreneurs and investors develop a strategic approach to profitable growth. Aaron has been a business owner, sales manager, and licensed stockbroker. He holds an MBA in Strategy Management, he’s the author of The Sales Funnel Bible, and he’s the creator of the Sales Funnel Strategy Matrix (TM).  Learn more about him at AaronHoos.com.

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