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About Aaron Hoos

Aaron is on a quest to live his best life ever, and many of his insights are a reflection of that journey as he aims to inspire others to break out of their comfort zones and create a life by design.

Aaron is the co-founder of three companies that create change in people and organizations.

Who Is Aaron Hoos?

About Aaron Hoos
Aaron Hoos is a Strategic Investment Partner who runs a fund that focuses on global small-cap and venture-cap private equity and real estate investments.

Stockbroker To Strategic Investment Partner
Aaron started his career in finance, in banking and as a stockbroker, and then worked as a marketing consultant and agency owner, advising multinationals on marketing and sales strategy.

Later, Aaron found that he preferred the opportunity, innovation, and control of private equity. He shifted into copywriting and consulting for the private equity space, and then became a Strategic Investment Partner himself.

Aaron also co-owns FuDog Group, a leader in personal growth education for business owners who want to grow themselves so they can grow their companies.

He holds an MBA in Strategy Management, and is the author of multiple books. He’s a frequent traveler and avid reader.

Stacking With Marketing Funnels
Aaron stacked on his early financial experience with an MBA and a number of focused studies in real estate and marketing. He pioneered a number of sales funnel strategies and wrote one of the first books written exclusively about sales funnel strategy.

In-The-Trenches Experience
Aaron started his next company, a niche marketing agency, which he grew from a one-man operation into a team of over 20. Along the way he started or invested in numerous other businesses.

Next-Level Partnership
In 2021, he partnered with Mike Agugliaro to start 2 companies, FuDog Group and Business Forge. In FuDog Group, he provides personal growth coaching to executives and business owners. In Business Forge, he invests in privately held cash-flowing companies run by passionate founders who want to exit in 3-5 years.

Author & Speaker
Aaron is the author of multiple books, including The Sales Funnel Bible, and he speaks on stage to business audiences.
Aaron Hoos' Core Values

Your identity creates your life
Aspire, optimize, execute
Comfort is a drug and fear is a KPI
Your daily actions predict your future with 100% certainty
Expand your limits

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