What I’m Working On This Week (April 27 – May 1, 2020)

Aaron Hoos

Wow. It was a really productive week last week. I got a bunch of stuff done and then some… even with World Book Day!

This week, I’m hoping for more of the same! So, here’s what I’ve got going on…

Publishing. This is an ongoing project for me so yes, it was on last week’s list and it’s on this week’s list. (And it has been on my list just about every day since what feels like the dawn of time). But I’m pushing forward on it. Specifically, I’m pushing forward on republishing some books from my client that changed dramatically during a rebranding. It’s a complex project but I’m getting through.

Launches. I’ve helped a client build an ascension model over the years — from a single membership level in 2016 to two levels by 2017 to three levels in 2018 to four levels in 2019 to five levels in 2020 (so far), and we’re just about to launch two more levels that I’ve built. That might sound like a lot but this is part of my client’s plan to dominate the industry. So, the two levels that we’re just about to introduce are built and nearly ready to go, just putting the finishing touches on them this week.

Testing assessments/interactivity. A client is building some additional assessments and interactivity into their (mostly automated) sales funnel and I’m putting those pieces together, which include scripts and videos, a flow with multiple dependencies, and ultimately exit points that help to address objections or add value or close the deal.

Event prep. With everything pivoting to online at the moment, several of my clients’ events are now going to be delivered through an online service like Zoom. So, that changes a lot of things — from our workbooks (need to be printed and shipped earlier) to scripts (need to be adjusted) to how we create an event experience online.

There are other things, too, including some end-of-month work for my business. But these are the big pieces that will easily take up my entire week.

Have a productive week!

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