What I’m Working On This Week (April 20 – April 24, 2020)

Aaron Hoos

I used to do these “What I’m Working On This Week” posts several years ago, and lately I thought I’d like to get back to doing them again. It’s just a post of highlights, not all my projects, and a fun way to highlight clients and work that I’m really proud of doing.

So, here are the highlights of what I’ll be working on this week:

  • Publishing. Actually, more accurately, re-publishing. Oh man, this is a bear of a project. My white whale. You see, I’d written and published a whole bunch of a books for a client over the last several years but they’ve gone through several changes — including a rebrand, some adjustments to their messaging, etc. So we’re taking the opportunity to revise the books, put new covers on them, etc. But we’re also publishing them in a different place now and this project involves new book sizes, new ISBNs, etc. It’s actually harder than writing a brand new book, plus it’s done across 17 books. Whew!
  • Emails: I have emails to write for a client’s full list, as well as to a couple of email sequence within a segment of their list. Easy and fun.
  • Webinar scripts: With the switch from in-person training to COVID19-inspired online training, I have a client who needs their trainings built into webinar scripts. So, in some cases, it’s completely brand new work, and in other cases, it’s a massive revision of existing work to get it ready for online consumption.
  • New levels: A client is building a couple of new levels for their membership program so I’m helping to determine what services and IP assets should go into these levels and I’m working with a team to build out the level (i.e. create the infrastructure inside their knowledgebase, build a new brand and get it designed, set up the pricing plan and sales funnel, etc.).

Hope you have a productive week!

PS, it’s my favorite day of the year this week! It’s World Book Day! Watch for that coming up; I’ll be writing more about it!

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