Hey. It’s Been A While…

Aaron Hoos

Sooo… it’s been a while.

I’ve always said you should never write words like, “it’s been a while since my last post,” but that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Looks like my last post was in October. (It was a good post about solving bigger problems. You should go read it; I’m going to re-read it too.)

Since then, it’s been a wild 5 months.

Let me catch you up with some highlights…

December 2019

In December, I went to see a client in New Jersey and taught copywriting at his high level mastermind. After that meeting wrapped up, I stayed for some strategic planning and a holiday party, during which I accepted the role as Director of Marketing. So that was a big transition through December as I built and rearranged the team into 3 sections, each led by a manager.

January 2020

In late January, I flew to Nashville to meet up with a client for the FunnelHackersLive event. The event had some highlights and lowlights but the best part was the non-conference time when my client and I built a strategic plan for some really exciting projects that could take the next couple of years.

Side note: Incidentally, it was during this conference that I first started hearing about Coronavirus, since my brother-in-law and his girlfriend and their kid were visiting China and were worried about being trapped there as airlines stopped flying out. They got out on the last flight.

February 2020

Aaron Hoos

In February, I flew back to New Jersey for a client’s event (when he’s teaching, I’m usually in the room making notes and giving feedback; when a team member is teaching, we sit in his office and work). It was a great time and we nailed down a bunch of projects that had been on the books for a while.

Bonus: my cousin also started working for my client so I got to hang out with her (see us above). That’s only the third time I’ve seen her in about 25 years. Love it! Was so great to hang out!

March 2020

Aaron Hoos

I flew back home on the first of March… and although I didn’t notice anything on my way TO New Jersey, I definitely noticed a change on the way home: so many people wearing masks!

Of course, things shifted VERY quickly right after that.

… Social distancing
… Quarantines
… Contactless deliveries
… Panic-buying toilet paper (?)
… Mandatory shut-downs
… Everything cancelled
… Zoom meetings galore
… And pivots. … So. Many. Pivots.

One of the biggest pivots—and highlights—was a marketing training that took place at the end of March. I didn’t have any plans to attend this training at my client’s office but with COVID19, we transitioned it from an in-person training to an online training, so I was able to join and teach.

I taught a few copywriting strategies and marketing strategies throughout the training, and then got to sit in on special sessions taught by Dean Jackson, Nick Nanton, and Joe Polish (see the pic above).

And More…

What a wild ride so far.

It’s hard to believe that we’re 6 weeks into a COVID19 reality. In some ways, it’s felt longer; in other ways, it has raced by.

There were other highlights too but really, they’ve been eclipsed in my mind but those big work-travel-pandemic headlines.

I’m very fortunate; my clients’ businesses are typically reverse-correlated to the economy — either as essential services or as people who help others in difficult financial times — so I’m really busy right now. (Of course I say that with all respect for those who are struggling economically right now; and I’m also fully aware that every day brings new challenges and it could shift on a dime.)

The biggest effort has been shifting ALL marketing to address how people are buying or not buying right now, and (in many cases) adjusting in-person events and workshops to be online. And it’s not a “let’s-test-this-with-a-small-group-and-see”, it’s a full-blown: “we’re-doing-this-event-online-so-we-need-to-figure-out-how.”

With things changing every day, it’s hard to know what could happen next week, next month, or even 5 minutes from now. All I can do is keep my head down, keep writing, and enjoy the moment.

Now you’re caught up.

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