Copywriting Tip: Use Questions To Draw Your Reader Through The Copy

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People hate open loops. They need to close them. People hate loose ends (even though most of our lives are loose ends!)

Want an example? Try tapping the well-known “shave-and-a-haircut” and see who finishes. That’s a silly example but it perfectly illustrates the concept of the hatred of open loops. People need to close them.

So what does that mean for your copy? Ask questions frequently. Ask them in a sub-heading and answer it in the section that follows, or ask in the first sentence of a paragraph, and then answer it in the remaining paragraph. Or ask it at the end of a section and answer it in the next section.

Don’t follow this formula too precisely; mix it up. Otherwise, your copy will look like it was written by a robot. But bottom line: use questions to create open loops.

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