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Aaron Hoos

One of my clients puts on an event a few times each year. It’s a multi-day event for business owners and he does a deep-dive into growing your business. He covers everything from leadership to marketing to hiring to scaling to systems, and much more. I promise it’s not like any other event you’ve ever been at: there’s a firehose of information!

He holds the event (Service Business Edge) a few times a year and I try to attend when I can (I usually get there once a year at least). The event was held this past October (I just got back a couple days ago) and I’m still catching up on work!

Well, this year he asked me to participate in a panel along with a couple of my colleagues who work as a team for him. Of course I was happy to do so because it was an opportunity to speak (which I’m doing a bit more of), plus hang out with my friends, and it also meant that I was speaking from the same stage as the legendary business minds of Jay Abraham and Mike Michalowicz, too! Here’s a shot (below) of the stage from a few minutes before the first day started, while people were just trickling in and finding their seats.

Aaron Hoos

The event started on a Tuesday and I can’t remember if I spoke on the Wednesday or Thursday (the week is a blur) but here I am below with my fellow panel guests—Lyndsay Phillips of Smooth Sailing Business Growth and Stephen Christopher of Wit Digital—moments before taking the stage…

Aaron Hoos

Once on stage, my client Mike pumped up the audience with some high energy music (and a mini-dance party!) and then we settled in to do our panel. The topic was on how the three of us (pictured above) deliver a high level of content and services to our clients and stay productive even though we work remotely (Lyndsay lives in Ontario Canada, I live in Saskatchewan Canada, and Stephen lives in Colorado; and we serve clients all over the world—separately in our own businesses and as a team for our client Mike).

Mike asked questions, we answered them, then also fielded questions from the audience too. Topics includes things like…

  • How to work together remotely to align schedules and communicate effectively
  • Tools we use to communicate and be productive
  • Productivity tips and strategies
  • How to measure and evaluate the work of a remote team
  • How remote teams could fit in the workflow of a local team
  • How to find and hire great remote people and make them feel like they are part of the team
  • And more

One of the insights I was able to share to this audience of business owners (most of whom have local employees but have never hired a remote person before) was about productivity and payment for work: there were a lot of questions about how to know if someone is doing the work, and how to make sure they aren’t ripping you off. It became apparent that they were thinking in terms of hourly employees, just like the ones that worked at their offices, and how paying a remote person hourly feels risky because there isn’t a lot of visibility into the productivity of the team member. So I talked about how there is more than one way to pay a remote team member: I gave some examples of other ways that they could base the team member’s pay on… things like specific deliverables.

The panel seemed to go very quickly (as does every time I speak!) I had a lot of fun, I enjoyed sharing some insights and best practices with other business owners, and of course it was a highlight for me to be able to present on a panel with my good friends! I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

Aaron Hoos

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