Tools Of Titans Lesson: Christopher Sommer On Warming Up

Aaron Hoos

I’ve been reading Tim Ferriss’ Tools Of Titans (sporadically and not in order). Great insight. I have a lot more to write about it.

On page 11, Ferriss quotes one of his podcast guests, Coach Christopher Sommer, in which he describes a seminar he gave to weightlifters. One of his observations from the seminar was that these athletes were strong but not flexible. As soon as he started putting them through a regimen of warming up, they failed.

You can hear the incredulity in his voice when Ferriss quotes him as saying, “They failed warmup.”

That was a good lesson for me.

I love to workout. I love the challenge of it; I love testing myself against my personal best and trying to find my upper limits of performance.

But I’m impatient. I admit it. I cognitively understand the importance of warming up but I fail to take it seriously and apply myself to warming up before my workouts.

Sometimes I don’t notice it because one of my routines starts slow anyway so it sort of has a “built in” warmup in it. But the other two routines I do, they start fast and hard. In fact, one of the workouts in my rotation is designed to really wring me out by the end (and it does)… and I feel it the next day, and probably feel it worse because of inadequate warmups.

And on page 9, Ferriss provides another quote by Sommer that is relevant here: “If the best in the world are stretching their asses off in order to get strong, why aren’t you?

This was good to hear. I need to slow down in the beginning. Don’t be so impatient. Just warm up and enjoy it, and remember that the investment of time on the front-end as a warmup will pay dividends in the effectiveness of my workout and in how I feel afterward.

[UPDATE] Not long after writing this, I was watching some YouTube videos of Athlean-X (as I tend to do) and Jeff Cavaliere suggested doing a warm-up that has since become my go-to preference to warm-up and now I do it all the time. His advice (sorry I don’t have a link to the exact video) was to warm-up using a non-weight-bearing version of the workout that you are about to do. So, I do a 10-workout/3-circuit HIIT training workout with weights and I’ve since added the same routine but without weights as a warm-up… it’s been amazing and very effective!

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