“Tools Of Titans” Lesson: Amelia Boone’s Resilience

I’ve been reading Tim Ferriss’ Tools Of Titans.

Aaron Hoos

It’s an engaging book of solid, practical wisdom about high performance.

I was struck by Amelia Boone’s quote on page 2:

I’m not the strongest. I’m not the fastest. But I’m really good at suffering.

I love that.

I’ve always had a high pain tolerance so I am fairly good at physical suffering when necessary, although I’ve noticed that the more successful I get, the lower my tolerance for suffering gets (actually, that goes for physical, mental, emotional, even financial suffering) probably because I can build a cushion around me that protects me from suffering. I’ve been trying to push myself in my workouts to break that down and get back to a higher tolerance for suffering.

Amelia’s quote really resonated with me. And just a couple pages later when she describes how she loves doing training runs in the rain and cold because she knows her competition is probably opting out… well, that hit me between the eyes because there are many times when I opt out of things that I should have pushed forward on.

I’m going to give this some serious thought and ask myself how I will actively break down the cushion I’ve built up around myself and work at building my tolerance and resilience to pain and discomfort.

I think that’s the way forward to growth. In any aspect of life.

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