Inchoate Idea: Firetruck For Rent

Aaron Hoos
Inchoate Ideas” is an occasional blog series describing half-formed ideas and early-stage opportunities that I am thinking about. They contain the seed of an idea; something that has some compelling potential.

Like this…

Aaron Hoos

This is a firetruck from 1975, advertised locally for sale on Facebook Marketplace (which I’m addicted to, BTW).

The firetruck is $5000 and, according to the person who posted it, the truck works fine. (Now, whether it will actually put out fires is another story but that’s not what caught my imagination.)

Instead, here’s what I thought as soon as I saw it:

As long as the truck could be driven, you could give it a fresh coat of paint and rent it out.

Kid’s parties.
Neighborhood gatherings.
Community festivals.
Local race tracks.
Farmer’s Markets.
Car shows.

… Honestly, I think the sky’s the limit on this.

And, because it’s not a real firetruck that needs to be ready to put out a fire, you could let kids climb all over it (perhaps with the appropriate waivers signed by parents). Anywhere that one of those inflatable “bouncy castles” might be used, this would be a fun alternative too.

Naysayers and pessimists will point to a number of problems… from insurance to liability to parking to storage.

But what if it were possible? At $5000 for the initial purchase, it’s worth considering.

It’s the seed of an idea. Worth thinking about.

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