It Was A Privilege To Meet Brian Tracy And Mike Michalowicz

Earlier this month I was in New Jersey for a client’s event. My client, Mike Agugliaro, is the owner of two companies — Gold Medal Service and CEO Warrior. He hosts a regular training event a few times a year for business owners.

Mike is one of my biggest clients so I try to get out to his office at least once a year to attend an event or to brainstorm with him.

(Side note: I was a guest on his podcast to discuss the future of copy, in case you want to hear that.)

Earlier this month I was at his event — the Warrior Fast Track Academy — to hear Mike speak, make notes on some projects, and to consult with his team.

As an added bonus, Mike had two special guests, who also happen to be two authors and business experts whose work I admire. I got to hear them speak, had my picture taken with them, and because I’m on Mike’s team, I also got to meet with them outside of the event in a more informal setting.

Brian Tracy shared a lot of wisdom with my the event audience about productivity and business growth. It was really valuable and I took a lot away from his presentation. Here he is, below, after signing a copy of his book, Eat That Frog.
Aaron Hoos and Brian Tracy

Mike Michalowicz is someone I’ve been following for a long time because his work and style matches mine. He founded Toilet Paper Entrepreneur years ago and later moved away from that brand to focus on his personal brand. I followed him at TPE and then was interested in his move away from that brand, which is detailed in this NY Times blog post from 2012. During my client’s event, Mike Michalowicz shared his “Profit First” strategies, which is another concept of his that I’ve been following for a while. Here he is, below, after signing a copy of his book Profit First. (I’d actually met Mike during a conference call I had with him earlier this summer but this is the first time we met in person.)
Aaron Hoos and Mike Michalowicz

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