This hilarious and alarming map reveal some crazy things about our world

When you think about the sales funnel for your business, it’s all about connecting with people as they become more and more interested in buying from you (and your sales funnel allows you to influence that decision as much as possible).

One of the key considerations people make as they progress through your sales funnel is about the price of your offering: Even if you’re not the low-cost provider (and I don’t think you should be), there will come a point at least once in your sales funnel when there needs to be a price conversation. Chances are, you may need to talk about price throughout your sales funnel.

But what’s the one time you absolutely MUST talk about price? When the customer asks how much something costs. In sales, that’s a HUGE indicator that there is buying interest. I love hearing those words in a selling environment!

This is true in any sales funnel. Online, when someone searches for the cost of something that they are interested in buying, it’s a key indicator that they want to move forward and need to make sure they have the money.

With that in mind, here’s a map of the world created by the website that explores what people are thinking about buying.

Fixr went through country by country to find out what people are searching for the cost of in any given country. I believe they used the less-than-scientific method of Google’s autocomplete functionality to search for, (for example) “What is the cost of * in the US?” and then they took the first response, assuming that Google will give them the most-searched answer at the top. Maybe not scientific but still pretty accurate in my opinion.

And the results are both hilarious and alarming. You can read the full post on their blog and get a larger picture of the map as well as a description of their methodology.


(And if you need to know some of the countries, here’s a world map. There were a couple in Eastern Europe and Africa where I was like, “which one is that again?”).

Briefly, we see that Canada is focused on passports, the US on patents, and Mexico on tummy tucks. There are a few countries that want to know how much a prostitute costs and one area of Africa that wants to know how much a slave costs. (Yikes!). Several countries are looking for food and beer costs, one country is looking for the cost of a kidney. Russians want to know how much it costs to fly a mig (fighter jet). Some are generic (China: electronics) and some are specific (Japan: watermelon). People are looking to know the cost of riding a camel, getting a tattoo, and mooring a yacht — which is basically my bucket list! haha

I think it’s the disparity that is most humorous to me: In a couple of Caribbean countries right next door to each other — once wants to know how much a wedding costs and the other wants to know how much a divorce costs. In South America, one country wants to know how much it costs to live and another right next door wants to know the cost of a Panama hat. Australia is looking for the cost of in vitro fertilization while New Zealand is looking for the cost of a vasectomy.

It’s good for a laugh, it’s a little alarming (more slaves and prostitute searches than I’d like to see), but it really shows the range of things that people are paying attention to in the world.

Published by Aaron Hoos

Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.