What is financial fiction?

Although a lot of my blog is about business or personal development, and occasionally about my own life, one of the things I do here is review financial fiction books, movies, and TV shows.

I’m frequently asked by people, “what is financial fiction?“.

You’re probably familiar with legal fiction (John Grisham is the king of these stories) and military fiction (Tom Clancy’s the guy in this genre) and political fiction and medical fiction.

Well, financial fiction is similar: It’s a story set in the world of finance. Like the other genres above, financial fiction stories cross a lot of traditional genres (thriller, mystery, drama, etc.).

These stories usually takes place in a bank or stock brokerage or hedge fund — on or off Wall Street. The main character is often a stock broker or venture capitalist. Of course big money is frequently at play — often highly leveraged and highly-squandered!

Chances are, you’ve probably seen some financial fiction movies without realizing it: Wall Street, Boiler Room, and The Wolf Of Wall Street are all financial fiction movies.

The grandfather of financial fiction was Paul E. Erdman who wrote 9 groundbreaking novels of financial fiction. (He wrote his first one while in prison for committing a financial crime!) His books are a bit dated now (his earliest books were written in the 1970’s) but they are entertaining nonetheless. They’re also way more advanced than many of the financial fiction books that followed. I would describe his books as pure financial fiction because the point of most of the stories was to accumulate vast sums of wealth through various financial dealings (compared to some other financial fiction writers who combine finance with a murder mystery).

I love financial fiction! As someone who has spent all of my adult life working in finance (in one capacity or another), I find these stories riveting. I prefer the pure form where the characters are trying to put together big financial deals, although I’ll read any story I can get my hands on.

Well, few years ago I started reviewing financial fiction books and posting those reviews online. (I used to post them on Squidoo but then that site started to become less user-friendly and was incorrectly marking my site as spam) so I moved them over to my blog. You can see everything I’ve reviewed here: Financial Fiction Reviews.

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