What I’m working on this week (Jan. 19 – 23, 2015)

Happy Monday!!! Hope it’s a good one for you.

Last week was awesome. I crossed off A BUNCH of projects that had piled up and were logjamming my productivity. Got a client’s book published, sent off a couple of magazine articles, and wrapped up a report for a real estate investing firm. The bigger projects wrapped up, my productivity went from a sluggish chipping-away-at-the-big-stuff to hammering out EVERYTHING. Feels really good.

Celebration: Complete.

Now to this week…

Here’s the stuff I’m rocking out this week.

  • This morning I’m wrapping up a magazine article about a real estate investor.
  • I’ve got 5 blog posts to finish and send to a client.
  • There was one project that’s been held-over from last week — a quick project for a real estate developer in Australia.
  • Got a handful of blog posts to send to a real estate investing client (well, 4 blog posts right now but he’s been sending me a bunch of ideas so it might increase).
  • I’m pitching articles like crazy — I’ve got 4 to pitch today alone!
  • Somewhere in there I need to dust off my second book and keep pushing on that. (It’s faltered a little bit with some of my other commitments at the beginning of this month).
  • I’ve got two magazine articles to write for a real estate investing client (he has a regular column in the magazine and my goal is to pre-write his articles ahead of time and build up a bank of articles).
  • Edit two smaller books for a client. He’s got a couple of (roughly) 10,000 word books that have been written and need to be edited. Our plan is to write several more of these but we want to first get a process hammered out with these two that already exist.

This should be a pretty fun week!!! Hope it’s great for you too!

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