What I’m working on this week (Dec. 22 – 26, 2014)

Merry Christmas everyone! I almost didn’t post anything this week because, well, who does any work this week???

haha, Actually, I am doing some work this week because I’m a big believer in trying to push right through to the end instead of fading out near the end. So I’m putting in a few hours at my desk today and tomorrow but I won’t be doing a lot of client work because it’s one of those weird times when it’s hard to get in touch with people, so I’ll take projects as far as I can and then I leave them for a bit. Basically the real work will start to roll again around January 5.

Between now and the new year, I’ll move a few projects forward, plus I get to work on a few bigger projects to build my own business next year, plus I get to hang out with Janelle. So it’s all good! I really like this time of year for the amount of concentrated effort I can put into my own business. And in a few days I’ll blog about some of the cool things I’ll be working on in 2015.

Here’s what I’ll be working on during this shortened week:

  • A regional report for a real estate developer (I was working on it last week but it is a HUGE report so it’s going to be a while yet).
  • Some early-stage brainstorming on some projects that will start to roll out with a client early in the new year.
  • Case studies for a real estate investor.
  • An article for a real estate investing magazine.

I’d like to list a few other things but I think that will keep me busy enough over the next couple of days.

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