What I’m working on this week (Nov. 24 – 28, 2014)

You know what I missed? These posts. I used to write What I’m working on this week posts every week just to tell people what I’m doing and because sometimes it’s helpful for me to write it out…

… And it doesn’t hurt to brag a little about my work, right?

Then I stopped doing them. Partly because I took on some really big projects (including a year-long project) so there wasn’t much to report. And I also couldn’t imagine why anyone would read these things at all, and especially when they tend to boast about the same things over and over.

But as I reflect on my blog posts and which ones get mentioned in various places, the ones that get mentioned most in actual conversations with prospects are these What I’m working on this week posts. So maybe I’ll start them up again. Plus I like them and this blog is about stuff that I like writing about. So that’s that.

Avid readers (and stalkers) will note that I’ve added a year to the title of these posts since I’ve posted these going back a few years and my previous title format was about to repeat itself.


This week, I’ve got some really cool projects going on (what week DON’T I have that, though, right?)

  • I’m wrapping up a “stick campaign” email sequence for a real estate investing client — this post-purchase email sequence helps counter the effect of buyers remorse and adds a sense of value to the purchase by highlighting the support and some advanced techniques.
  • Revisions: I wrote a bunch of copy in the past few weeks and they suddenly all came back to me with revisions. Revisions are an expected part of the work (and I like them because they help me get into my client’s headspace) but they’re the one unpredictable piece of my business because of situations like this where clients hang onto them for a bit before sending them back. So I’m rolling up my sleeves today and getting through as much as I can.
  • I’m also starting up some new projects — blogging, some social media posting, and some magazine articles — for a well known Canadian real estate investing educator. I’ve been working with them for a while on smaller projects but am now getting more work from them.
  • I also need to do some research for upcoming projects. I’ve got a client blog post to write on a particularly challenging topic, and there isn’t a lot of available information for it. So I’m turning over some stones to find scraps of helpful info to write the post.
  • And no week is complete without me putting in some time on my own projects. I’m nearing completion on my next book. I predict it should be done by mid-December and available on Amazon by January so I’m working on that this week.
  • Oh, and this is fun: I’m getting set up to do some podcasting in the near future so this week I’m putting together some high level outlines to try them out in some test-runs — just to get a sense of how long my podcasts will be and how I feel in front of the microphone… I’d like to iron out a couple of those wrinkles before I publish my first podcast.

Have a great, productive week!

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