Rocky Mountain High — This was my view recently

On November 2nd, my wife and I flew out of Winnipeg Manitoba, landed in Kelowna BC, and were picked up at the airport by a friend. Janelle was teaching a course at a college and I tagged along for a change of scenery. The weather was beautiful and the view from my window was stunning:


Nice view, don’t you think?

Every morning, while Janelle went went to class, I sat at the kitchen table in our suite and wrote. Some of my time brainstorming about 2015.

The week flew by and then we headed half-way home, stopping for a few days in Regina Saskatchewan to see family.

Ten days later, we touched back down in Winnipeg. Funny, those 10 days when fast AND slow.

I had a great time but I was definitely glad to be back! Janelle and I both returned home more exhausted than when we left (it was definitely not a vacation for either of us!) — oh, and that 100 page notebook was completely filled with notes and ideas for 2015. Competitors be warned. :)

I took a couple of days to sort myself out, transfer all those handwritten notes, and sleep. Oh, and catch on up on NASCAR. (Janelle and I had PVR’d the races on November 2nd and 9th, so we had to bingewatch those shows to get ready for the final race today).

Now here I am on Sunday night, just putting the finishing touches on my plan for this week… and VERY eager to get back to the grind. It starts tomorrow for me at 6:00 AM. I love Winnipeg. I love the routine I’ve built for my business. I definitely prefer to work in my office and vacation when I’m away… But the view from my windowless office isn’t quite as majestic.

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