Emotion: Does it have a place in business?

It’s funny when you notice something that becomes a pattern… Kind of like when you learn a new word and then you start hearing that word all the time. Once you see it in one place, you see it everywhere. The same thing has happened to me with the following concept… I’m doing some consulting […]

Intentional magic: How to conjure more moments of pure awesomeness

I recently started working with a new client — one of the biggest clients I’ve ever worked with; a real “marquee” client that has the potential to change the game in my business. So, when they sent me my first copywriting assignment, I definitely didn’t want to screw it up! Hitting my marks on this […]

How to start a business when you DON’T have a product or service

I’ve always aspired to be a business owner, even when I was a kid. And I would stay awake at night dreaming up business ideas. In high school and college, I obsessed with the question: “What product or service should I sell?” I remember coming up with and discarding so many ideas. I think the […]

Break your business to build a stronger business

This past year I broke my business. On purpose. And I’m happy with the result… About a year ago I was contacted by a previous client — an insurance company — to do some writing for them. It was a huge year-long writing/consulting gig. I almost said no. Unlike most of my clients, this one […]