Case study: Communicating through a sensitive topic

In business, it’s easy to communicate the fun stuff. “Great news! We’ve increased the your bandwidth!” or “Great news, that airplane seat actually costs less!” But there are times when you need to deliver bad news to a client… and that’s when clients call me. In the recent past, I’ve had 3 separate clients ask […]

On goal-setting: Activity goals are better than achievement goals

I love setting goals. But it’s so easy to fall short of achieving them. Perhaps one of the reasons is that I’m building goals around an ideal end-state. That end-state looks very specific in my mind. But how often do we actually achieve that end state? It may end up looking somewhat different (although that […]

When service runs cold, so does my patience: Two water heater companies compared

(This post is an unsolicited, unpaid review of two hot water companies in Winnipeg, based solely on my negative experience with one and my positive experience with the other). While I was a real estate investing conference in Columbus Ohio recently, my hot water heater broke. Fortunately, my brilliant wife caught it right away, turned […]