Report on a real estate investing conference in Columbus Ohio

One of my clients, Mark Evans, is a real estate investor and I’ve been working with him since 2008. We talk frequently via email, text, and phone but I’ve never met him in person.

So when I heard that he was holding a conference in Columbus Ohio (a really cool conference — more on that in a moment), and since my schedule allowed it, I jumped at the chance to go.


The event was actually two separate “mini-conferences”, scheduled consecutively; and I attended both. I flew in on June 17, stayed until June 21, and the event was held at the Columbus Airport Marriott (nice hotel!).

Here’s a picture of me at an airport enroute…


June 18 – 19: The first mini-conference, called a Deal-A-Thon, was more like a 2-day workshop/coaching session for 12 real estate investors. We spend both days building our investing businesses and working through the intricacies of doing deals. This was a super-hands-on invitation-only experience among real investors and we actually did some deals while we were there. I don’t have any pictures from it but just imagine a dozen people sitting around a room with notebook and laptop and phone.

June 20 – 21: The second mini-conference had a much larger attendance — approximately 200 people. We spent the first day in a super-long marathon session in the hotel auditorium going through the steps of building a real estate investing business. With the large number of people, the information was useful but at a much basic level. The second day included a bus tour as we drove around Columbus looking at properties and discussing property valuation and exit strategies. On the afternoon of the second day, we went to a house giveaway event, in which my client partnered with former football player, ex-con, Comeback Project founder Maurice Clarett to giveaway a house to a family in need. It was a really cool experience. Here’s a pic from the house giveaway ribbon cutting ceremony…
By the way, if you ever want to sponsor or donate to this worthy cause, go over to the


I went for a few reasons:

First, I finally wanted to meet my client.

Second, I wanted to participate in the House Giveaway (I’ve been a sponsor for a couple of years and I wanted to go in person).

Third, I wanted to attend a conference for the networking opportunity. I’ve attended a couple but I’m started to ramp it up a bit more.

Fourth, I wanted to fill in some gaps in my knowledge of real estate investing.

I got all of that… and more. It was an insanely good time. Not just because I ate more steak and drank more beer than someone should drink. But more-so because I went totally focused on building my business, as my game-face indicates…

… I learned a lot and what I particularly liked about the Deal-A-Thon (the first mini-conference) was how hands-on it was. It’s very common in conferences to get information and to file it away in the “nice-to-know” section of your brain, only to completely ignore implementation. But this Deal-A-Thon was all about implementation. And since it was invitation-only, the people who showed up were high-achievers and were all interested in succeeding in their investing businesses.

I also made some amazing connections with other real estate investors — not just new friends but prospective new joint venture partners for any real estate investing I do, as well as new clients for my Real Estate Investing Copywriter brand.

This was a business-changing event for me. In just a couple of short days, it skyrocketed different parts of my business to a new level that I didn’t even dream of achieving. I’d like to attend other real estate investing conferences in the future but I intend to attend this particular conference again.

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