Financial fiction review: ‘The $treet’

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The $treet

Entertaining short-lived financial fiction TV series.

The $treet is a financial fiction TV show that follows the lives of a half-dozen investment bankers who are all young and good looking and ultra-hip and witty and wealthy, and very urbane. The show follows the highs and lows of their personal and professional lives. In one scene, they are putting together a multi-million dollar deal and in another scene they are boozing it up in a way that only investment bankers can. Each character is pretty well-formed — from the obnoxious sales guy to the naive newbie. I stayed very engaged through the show and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Unfortunately, the show was short-lived. It lasted less than one season and only 11 of the 12 episodes were actually filmed. I suspect that financial fiction shows are hard to film for two reasons: Because the real markets can fluctuate so wildly that real events can dictate the story. (West Wing had a similar problem and its storylines were irreparably damaged by the events of 9/11). But you can enjoy all 11 episodes on YouTube, conveniently cut up into 10 minute segments (so each show has about 5 YouTube videos). While you’re watching, see if you can spot all the cameos of relatively well-known actors and actresses who have gone on to modest success in other shows).

(Extra bonus: If you’re a Breaking Bad fan, you get to see a younger Gus Fring… basically playing the same stick-in-the-mud character!)

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