Report on a real estate investing conference in Columbus Ohio

One of my clients, Mark Evans, is a real estate investor and I’ve been working with him since 2008. We talk frequently via email, text, and phone but I’ve never met him in person. So when I heard that he was holding a conference in Columbus Ohio (a really cool conference — more on that […]

We run toward comfort but we should really flee from it

Humans run toward comfort. We always have. From our most ancient ancestors to today, we work our entire lives to achieve and enjoy comfort. It’s a reason why nomadic cultures become permanent cultures and it’s a reason why stone age cultures become bronze age and then iron age cultures and it’s a reason why individuals […]

Case study: Writing to create a brand

When you have a product to sell, you sell it once and the client takes ownership of that product. But with software as a service, you are creating a product that you “sell” over and over again. Every time the payment is due, you need to re-sell why you provide the service that you do. […]

Go after your leads BEFORE they become leads: How to convince buyers that they want more than a faster horse

I’ve been writing about sales funnels for a while. And if you’ve ever heard me speak about them, or you’ve read my book The Sales Funnel Bible, you’ll know that one of my favorite sales funnel speaking points is this: Your sales funnel starts earlier than you think it does. Unlike how most people view […]