9 ways to avoid getting screwed in a business or real estate deal

I’ve had successful deals and not-so-successful ones. I’ve been screwed in deals: Non-payers, joint ventures who disappear, investments that don’t materialize. It’s insanely frustrating when it happens and every time it does happen, I get really angry — as much at myself for not seeing the warning signs as the person or company that screwed […]

Price and service: The two worst things to compete on

As a seller of things, I’ve tried to compete on price or service in the past. (“We’ve got the lowest prices” or “We’ve got the best customer service”). As a buyer, I’ve had other companies try to sell me on price or service. It doesn’t work. STOP TRYING TO COMPETE ON PRICE AND SERVICE Competing […]

Customer service and customer relationships are similar but different. Here’s why customer relationships are better…

A lot of my blog posts are just my thoughts about business; my reflections about what business could and should (and shouldn’t) be. And lately I’ve been thinking about the difference between customer service and customer relationship. I suspect that too many businesses think they are interchangeable. But I don’t think they are. Customer service: […]

Financial fiction review: ‘Cracks In The Ceiling’ by Dave Cornford

Love financial fiction? So do I. And I review them for you! In this post I’m reviewing… Cracks In The Ceiling by Dave Cornford Short stories exploring the aftermath of the global financial meltdown. REVIEW: When I read a novel, I want an engaging start, a tense middle, and a cathartic ending. But when I […]

The Sales Funnel Bible: Coming soon

After a few years of testing, note-taking, concept-refining, and even a couple of false starts, on March 1st 2013, I started writing my Sales Funnel Bible book chapter by chapter and publishing it on my blog. At over 40 chapters, written daily, it took me through to (about) the middle of April to complete. Writing […]