Rage against the machine: How I hated (and later loved) a frustrating purchase

I like to be prepared for emergencies. I know you can’t prepare for all of them but I like the idea of being prepared for a few contingencies that could arise. So when I saw a generator that was being promoted in a flyer from my local hardware store, I went out and bought it. […]

4 monetization models for video

In a post I wrote yesterday about the impending death of television and the rise of online video, I suggested that one of the overlooked reasons that we’re moving to online video is that the content is shorter. It fits into our day. Yes, the other arguments are valid (we can watch what we want, […]

Financial fiction review: ‘Gods of Greenwich’ by Norb Vonnegut

Love financial fiction? So do I. And I review them for you! In this post I’m reviewing… Gods of Greenwich by Norb Vonnegut Financial fiction with a twist of suspense, art arbitrage, insurance hedging, and a beautiful assassin. OVERVIEW: This story is about Jimmy Cusack, who is forced to shut down his hedge fund and […]

We’re missing a piece of the conversation when talking about the death of television

TV is dying a slow and painful death… not unlike a TV death! (haha) I’m not saying that TV will disappear completely, nor will it vanish any time soon (a belief supported by an optimistic report from Forrester) but TV viewership is declining and will continue to decline because it is being replaced by other […]

9 reasons why you need to become THE expert in your field

Each new level you ascend in your business may be the best you’ve ever achieved… but as you reach the summit of that particular level, your new vantage points reveals that there is still a bigger mountain — with a higher summit — just ahead of you. In this blog post, I want to talk […]