5 laws of marketing ROI

The marketing you do for your business is an investment. You put in some combination of money, time, and effort and ideally you get back a return of some kind. A good marketing investment is one where the benefits you get in return far outweigh the costs (of money, time, and effort) that “spent” to […]

One insanely simple way to research niche markets for your business

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that their target market is everybody. It’s not uncommon to hear an enthusiastic founder proclaiming that anyone can and will buy their product. But not product is attractive to all the billions of people – young and old, male and female – who live on earth. A business […]

Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Self-discipline, real estate investing, and success’ edition

Yeah, so it hasn’t exactly been a weekly reading list over Christmas. I was visiting the inlaws for part of the holidays and not able to tear myself away from the games of Monopoly and Scotland Yard, or the rerun of A Christmas Carol to tell you what I was reading. So here’s what I’ve […]

Thoughts about job security and business security

One of my clients is a large insurance provider staffed by unionized employees and (at times) other consultants like me. While working with this client, I frequently notice a range of opinions about job security among the people who work there. For example… Term employees worry about whether their term will be extended. Their level […]