Why do I blog?

People ask me that a lot. Actually, they ask me that now more than ever before.

There was a time when they asked me because they wanted to hear about its positive impact on my business. That was back when blogging was hot and new and bloggers were raking in cash. Today, some ask because they aren’t sure that it has any impact anymore. In fact, one person recently asked me, “who still blogs?” (Ironically, they started a blog not long after).

Blogging as a trend is huge but it’s shifting. I wouldn’t say it’s declining but it’s facing changes. People aren’t blogging as often on their own blogs. Many people are still blogging, of course, but many more are abandoning their own blogs for blog-like interaction on a network — like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. These sites have a blog component but they also come “pre-built” with an audience and some useful interaction.

I’m still hired frequently to write blogs for businesses. But I’m even seeing that landscape change. People who are blogging, aren’t blogging as regularly — perhaps their frequency is held back by the cost of hiring a writer or by the push (from Google) to produce better quality posts.

I’m not suggesting that blogging is going away. The internet still needs content and blogging is a powerful interface (both on the creation-side and on the consumption side) to produce content.

So why do I blog here at AaronHoos.com while others are abandoning “owned” blogs and heading to networks?

  • I blog because I love creating content. Some of my content is sold to others (because I’m a copywriter) but sometimes I just want to create content that I find interesting that I want to share with others.
  • I blog because I’m always thinking about business, finance, and real estate. I’m always experimenting and testing and refining. So, unlike other blogs, this blog is not a place where “finished” and “polished” ideas are put. Rather, it’s a laboratory; a place where I can put my thoughts and work through them.
  • I blog because I want a collection point for my business. Not only do I write original content here but I share other content I write elsewhere. It’s not only an easy place for me to store links to things I’ve written, it acts as a portfolio of sorts. It’s a sort-of “adminstrative headquarters”.
  • I blog here at AaronHoos.com because I own the site. I’m a big supporter of putting content elsewhere but I’ve been around long enough to see websites disappear and with it, all of the content that you post. So creating content on an owned site preserves it. (Case in point: This website has posts that go back to 2009 but I’ve been blogging for much longer than that… but on another non-owned site).
  • I blog because I want a record of my thinking. It’s fascinating to go back and look at the evolution of my ideas and my business since I first started blogging here. It inspires me as a measure of how far I’ve come and what opportunities lie ahead.

To this list, I would almost add that I’m learning to blog to share the human side of myself… although I haven’t gotten to the point where I can do that fully yet, because I can be a private person.

What about comments or PageRank or SEO or ad revenue? Well, those are not my priority on this blog. I love getting comments (and feel free to post yours!) but it’s not something I actively seek out. PageRank and SEO is nice but I don’t use this blog as a place for me to generate business so if people aren’t coming here in droves then that’s okay. And ad-revenue is not how I want to earn a living on this blog so I don’t post ads here.

I own other blogs and I use them for business (i.e. for generating leads, acquiring clients, etc.) but this blog is the place where I blog for myself.

I blog because I have an urgent need to write and this site is my release valve.

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Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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