Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘social media, business failure, web design, and copywriting’ edition

Aaron Hoos: Weekly reading list

  • Moneyball and the reality of social business at The Brand Builder‘s blog. I don’t usually watch sports movies but I loved the movie Moneyball — I’m a fan of the actors and I’m particularly a fan of Aaron Sorkin (who co-wrote the screenplay). I also loved the movie because it’s a movie about economics and statistics, which happens to take place in the world of baseball. So when I saw the title of blog post (written 6 months ago — time to update the blog, Mr. Blanchard!) I had to read it. The post talks about how baseball thinking was medieval until a couple of characters from the movie turned that thinking on its head. And then the post highlights a parallel situation that many businesses face in which they’re trying to build social media marketing campaigns and hire social media marketing people but failing… because of the medieval thinking. Read the article.
  • My 4 biggest professional disappointments of 2013. I was riveted to this post at The Sales Lion. With disarming frankness, blogger Marcus Sheridan discusses the areas in his business and life that he feels were not achieved this year. As someone who sets high goals and frequently misses the mark, I get his frustration.
  • 5 profoundly important parts to every business website in 2014 and beyond. When was the last time you updated your website? It’s been a few months for me. As I think about the trends that we’re seeing in website design/usability, as well as the direction of my business, the question of “what should I put on my website?” is something that comes up a lot. In this blog post at The Sales Lion, Marcus Sheridan discusses 5 elements you should consider for your site. Great stuff here! I’m scheduling some time to revisit the websites I own and to consider how to include these things in my sites.
  • 2014: The year of the rainmaker. Does it feel a little old to read posts that proclaim “this is what 2014 will be like?” I think there’s a deadline for it — only a week from January 1. But this was on my RSS feed and I’m getting to it now. What I like about this article is how Copyblogger positions the importance of a writer. Sure, some of it is to make writers feel better about themselves (hey, we can be a sensitive bunch) but some of it is true: Content — in whatever form it comes in — continues to be the way leads are attracted and turned into customers online. So the writer — especially the copywriter — will play an increasingly important role.

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