Can we just stop calling it a “home-based business” please?

I have a number of clients who I write for and most of those clients are distributed all around the world, which means that I can work for those clients from my nice comfy little home office. But one of my clients is a very big corporation and their head office is not far from […]

If this is your idea of marketing, you’re doing it wrong

Blog comment spam. Totally hate it. You hate it too. We all hate it. Except for the loser that wrote this… This gigantic piece of crap is basically a template that a blog-comment-spammer will use to write slightly different from one blog to another — basically saying nothing but saying it differently enough. The fact […]

How one magazine lost thousands of dollars in repeat sales

A couple of months ago I advertised my services in a magazine. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a great experience working with the sales department and it’s enough to make me think twice about working with them again. What’s surprising, though, is how small and easily fixable their problems are. So I won’t name them here […]

One insanely simple way to research niche markets for your business

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that their target market is everybody. It’s not uncommon to hear an enthusiastic founder proclaiming that anyone can and will buy their product. But not product is attractive to all the billions of people – young and old, male and female – who live on earth. A business […]