Can we just stop calling it a “home-based business” please?

I have a number of clients who I write for and most of those clients are distributed all around the world, which means that I can work for those clients from my nice comfy little home office. But one of my clients is a very big corporation and their head office is not far from […]

Financial fiction review: ‘Top Producer’ by Norb Vonnegut

Love financial fiction? So do I. And I review them for you! In this post I’m reviewing… Top Producer by Norb Vonnegut Financial fiction meets crime fiction: Read how a top producer uncovers financial fraud. OVERVIEW: The story is about Grover O’Rourke, a “top producer” at an investment bank. His best friend, Charlie Kelerman, owns […]

If this is your idea of marketing, you’re doing it wrong

Blog comment spam. Totally hate it. You hate it too. We all hate it. Except for the loser that wrote this… This gigantic piece of crap is basically a template that a blog-comment-spammer will use to write slightly different from one blog to another — basically saying nothing but saying it differently enough. The fact […]

Deal with the one thing you’ve been avoiding. Do it now.

We all have a list of stuff to do. And if you’re like… oh… everyone else in the world, you probably don’t get all of your to-do’s done in the day. Some get done and some don’t. I’m like that. I imagine you might be like that too. So we end up with new daily […]