Financial fiction review: ‘Boiler Room’

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Boiler Room

Great financial fiction movie.

Boiler Room is about a young, aggressive kid who joins a firm in the hopes of hitting the big time as a stock broker… and maybe winning the approval of his stern father at the same time. He is quite successful in his first few weeks of the firm and his wealthy peers flash around their money. But soon he discovers that not everything is as it appears at the firm and he struggles with the growing gap between what is expected of him and what he believes is right.

Boiler Room is today’s Wall Street and the references to the 1987 groundbreaking financial fiction movie are made obvious in Boiler Room.

Giovanni Ribisi does a great job as the main character, and there are surprisingly good performances by actors that you might not expect such good performances from: Vin Diesel, Ben Affleck, and Scott Caan. If you like Financial fiction books, you’ll love Boiler Room.

(Note: The video contains language that might not be suitable for all viewers).

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