The temptation to start something is ridiculously high #FinishWhatYouStart

I’ve been blogging for the past little while about how to finish what you start. I’m writing about this topic because I start a lot of things but I let those projects fizzle as I start new things. I don’t finish projects as much as I like; instead I simply deprioritize them in my mind […]

#FinishWhatYouStart project list update 2

A couple of weeks ago I listed the projects I was going to work on for my #FinishWhatYouStart challenge. I’ve been working on them and here is where I am so far. (The updates are in italics). I will have developed a strategy for one of my brands (which I started up a year and […]

The two parts of a project that could prevent you from being able to #FinishWhatYouStart

A project starts. You imagine how exciting this project is going to be. You push to get it moving. You see a couple of quick, immediate results. You maybe even encounter an early challenge that you overcome by sheer determination and elbow grease. Your brain is slurping up the dopamine that comes from seeing early […]

Time availability as the weak link in the #FinishWhatYouStart chain

I’ve observed that one of the biggest challenges to finishing what I start is my time availability. It’s possible that there are other weak links in my situation or in yours… but it’s interesting how many of those weak links come back to time. We can often expand or work around many other aspects of […]

Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Starting blogs, marketing with content, and growing your biz’ edition

Cool things have been happening this week: It was my wife’s birthday. I rocked out some work for some pretty awesome clients. My wife had a conference to attend and I got to go with her. I’ve been reading some great stuff this week and, interestingly, it kind of works altogether to create a “system” […]