#FinishWhatYouStart project list update 2

A couple of weeks ago I listed the projects I was going to work on for my #FinishWhatYouStart challenge. I’ve been working on them and here is where I am so far. (The updates are in italics).

  1. I will have developed a strategy for one of my brands (which I started up a year and a half ago but it stalled out and has a couple of false starts since but no real progress). Update: There are three main problems I’m facing with this project — a branding issue, a monetization issue, and a marketing issue. So developing a strategy will need to address all three of these. I made some good headway this past week on this but don’t have a strategy nailed down just yet.
  2. I will have published 100 articles (which is a project I started — I’m 10% done — but then got busy doing other things). Update: Nothing more done on this.
  3. I will be doing 3-set high-intensity circuit-training workouts 6 times a week with 30 pound weights. (I keep getting stuck at 3 circuits with 20 pound weights or 2 circuits with 30 pound weights). Update: I had a set-back a week ago with some sore joints. I made some changes to deal with this and I’m trying the workout again while addressing my joint pain. I also have a plan to introduce these changes a little more gradually than I was.
  4. I will have finished putting together my US corporation (which has been a long and painful process to set up since I live in Canada). Update: So much of this project is waiting for other people but I had a big breakthrough last week when some paperwork was finally sent to me. It should be arriving any day now.
  5. I will have completed a copywriting course. (I’m always taking courses to improve my skills and I’m currently taking one on copywriting, which I started last year but which has stalled). Update: I had a big breakthrough on this, this past weekend. Since then, I’ve been working to keep this moving and build a habit.
  6. I will have published my Sales Funnel Bible book (which I finished writing in the spring but the editing has stalled). Update: I restarted editing and then other priorities took over. (Yikes!). But I’m rebuilding the habit of editing and it won’t seem so bad if I do just a few pages each day.
  7. I will have finished the first draft of a book I’m co-writing with a friend of mine (which is actually going well but is right at the precipice of falling into an abyss of delay!) Update: This is an interesting situation. The entire project is at a go/no-go stage for a number of reasons. We’re currently doing a cost/benefit analysis to decide whether we need to choose to end this project or keep it going.
  8. I will be marketing each week to a joint venture list and earning a minimum amount of weekly income from that effort (which is something I’ve been doing off and on with mixed success for the past couple of years but which I’d like to have consistent income from). Update: I was slow to start this but got it going again this week.
  9. I will finish deploying a new brand that I’ve just started. (See? not everything is stalled. I want this one to do well before I let it crash!) Update: This is going fairly well without a lot of input from me (woohoo!) but there are some logistical challenges to figure out if I’m going to keep working on it.
  10. I will develop a plan for an internet television brand I put together a couple of years ago (which I put aside for a while to focus on my Sales Funnel Bible book). Update: Nothing done with this.
  11. I will drywall and paint the recroom in my basement and install a bar (which is something that I’ve be ready to do since the summer but haven’t got around to yet). Update: Nothing done with this.
  12. I will have finished a client’s book (which we’ve been planning to write for a while!). Update: I sent an early draft to the client!
  13. I will finish a year’s worth of newsletters for a real estate investor (which we’re in the process of doing — everything is going well there. Again, I don’t want to let it fall). Update: This one is with my client right now. It’s going okay.
  14. I will finish a book for a real estate investor (which, again, is going okay so far, although the timeline is starting to alarm me). Update: This one would be going better if I can stick with the habit of writing in it every day… but I’m a little more sporadic than I want to be.
  15. I will have a plan in place to start marketing one of my brands (which is going well but I’d like to push it forward more). Update: I’ve started developing the strategy for what I want to do on this. But let’s be honest… the strategy is the easy part.
  16. I will have a plan in place to take one of my brands to a new level (which has done well but I want to take it in a new direction). Update: I did a lot of work on this project last weekend. I’m happy with where this project is so far.
  17. Proprietary project #1. Update: Going well!
  18. Proprietary project #2. Update: Not going so well. :( I feel like I’m going backwards on this.
  19. Proprietary project #3. Update: No change.
  20. Proprietary project #4. Update: Going well!

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