#FinishWhatYouStart by learning to love adversity

I’m blogging about how to become better at finishing what you start.

One of the lessons I’ve learned lately is that finishing is difficult because adversity increases throughout the project. I blogged yesterday that you need to overcome adversity to finish what you start.

And since yesterday’s blog post, I’ve been thinking about how to overcome adversity. I suggested that you need to figure out what adversity your project faces and then work at solving it and overcoming it.

But maybe there’s more. Maybe a real finisher doesn’t just overcome adversity but they accept it — they learn to love it; to embrace it; to revel in it.

At first you might read that and think “why would anyone want to love adversity?” and that was my first reaction too.

But then I think about…

  • Diamonds. It’s just carbon but it has faced TONS of pressure to be turned into a precious stone.
  • Muscles. Muscles grow when they’ve been pushed to their limit and shredded during a workout and then have to rebuild.
  • Remarkable skills. Specifically how calm seas do not make skillful sailors.

I love to workout but it wasn’t always that way. When I first started working out, the brutal muscle burn was horrible. I hobbled around for days after each workout. Then I got fitter. And more importantly, I learned to love the burn I faced in my workout because I knew it was my muscles becoming stronger.

So can I learn to love other adversity in the same way? When I look at the list of projects I want to finish this year, I’ve identified 3 problems related to adversity…

  1. Clarity of purpose for the project (which isn’t necessarily adversity itself but allows adversity to side-track me).
  2. Time availability.
  3. Doing something I don’t like to do.

… so can I come to love the very things I don’t really love right now?

Can I love creating a purpose and sticking to it throughout a project? Can I love finding the time to work on projects even when I’m tired of it and want to do something else? Can I love doing a task that I haven’t previously enjoyed doing?

With my workout, I came to love the burn. Maybe I can do the same with my project adversity as well.

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Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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