Overcoming adversity so you can #FinishWhatYouStart

I was listening to a real estate investing podcast last week and the lesson from the episode really stood out to me.

In the podcast episode, a brand new real estate investor was just getting started and suddenly he started facing a lot of adversity. It got to the point where he thought he should just quit. But he didn’t he persisted. And I found myself deeply impacted by the episode.

It made me think about the projects that I started but stopped because I faced adversity. It made me realize that many of the projects that I have succeeded at were either situations where I was so motivated, I pushed through anyway (good!) or times when adversity just wasn’t really there (that sounds good but it’s not, because it means I didn’t push hard enough to challenge myself).

And then I looked at the projects that I’ve identified as my #FinishWhatYouStart projects that I’m focusing on for the rest of the year. I realized that a lot of projects started and then stalled because I hit adversity. (Not all of them, though. Some of them are new projects that haven’t faced adversity yet). I’ve listed my projects and the adversity that I am facing in each one…

  1. I will have developed a strategy for one of my brands: I first started this project a year and a half ago and it went well for a month. Unfortunately, the vendor changed their program and I could no longer deliver. I tried a couple of other things but nothing has come of it.
  2. I will have published 100 articles: The adversity here is that this is a time-consuming project and I am busy with other things.
  3. I will be doing 3-set high-intensity circuit-training workouts 6 times a week with 30 pound weights: This is tough! I’m at 2 sets of 20 pound weights, 5 times a week. That level wears me out and my knees don’t feel like they will like the increase. Also, it requires a greater time commitment, which I’ve found difficult to commit to.
  4. I will have finished putting together my US corporation: This is plugging along and has required me to improve my management-by-email skills.
  5. I will have completed a copywriting course: This is another time-constrained project.
  6. I will have published my Sales Funnel Bible book: The truth is, I don’t love editing all that much. I write a lot but don’t like to edit. The bigger the work, the harder it is to edit.
  7. I will have finished the first draft of a book I’m co-writing with a friend of mine: This one isn’t at risk yet but it is getting close. In other words, the adversity hasn’t appeared but it will shortly!
  8. I will be marketing each week to a joint venture list and earning a minimum amount of weekly income from that effort: Consistency is key here. No adversity yet but I am not being consistent. I need to remind myself to do it and then do it.
  9. I will finish deploying a new brand that I’ve just started: This one has just started so no adversity yet.
  10. I will develop a plan for an internet television brand I put together a couple of years ago: The adversity here is that I have no adversity because I have no plan! I just do whatever, whenever, and there are no results.
  11. I will drywall and paint the recroom in my basement and install a bar: The adversity here is that I don’t love doing this stuff. It’s not fun and I’m very critical of my work so it basically becomes an exercise in failure.
  12. I will have finished a client’s book: This is a time-constrained one again. I’m busy doing other things so this gets pushed back over and over and over.
  13. I will finish a year’s worth of newsletters for a real estate investor: Waiting for some feedback and resources from my client. And some more adversity I’m thinking about: I get into a rhythm when I write these but if I leave it too long, I break that rhythm.
  14. I will finish a book for a real estate investor: This is a new project so I wish I could say that there is no adversity but there are a few struggles. The last round of feedback revealed that there are several gaps that need a fair amount of work to be filled.
  15. I will have a plan in place to start marketing one of my brands: The adversity here is two-fold — how much time and energy I want to put into the effort, and, where I want this brand to grow. I think I’m lacking clarity around that second part.
  16. I will have a plan in place to take one of my brands to a new level (which has done well but I want to take it in a new direction): Actually, I’m facing exactly the same adversity here as above. Need to figure out what I want and then how much I can do.
  17. Proprietary project #1: This one is going okay. It’s easy to become distracted, though!
  18. Proprietary project #2: Again, this one is going okay but it’s easy to become distracted.
  19. Proprietary project #3: I’m about 1/6th of the way through but I’m feeling time-constrained.
  20. Proprietary project #4: This one was doing well until a recent change in schedule brought about a change in habits. Planning is needed to reincorporate into my workday!

As I look at these projects, I see that I’m facing adversity around three key things:

  1. Clarity of purpose for the project (which isn’t necessarily adversity itself but allows adversity to side-track me).
  2. Time availability.
  3. Doing something I don’t like to do.

So here’s my homework: I’m going to focus on fixing these three things for the next 7 days. By next Monday, I will report back on how I’m doing with these three problem areas. Hopefully by overcoming them, I can get the wheels rolling again on my projects!

Published by Aaron Hoos

Aaron Hoos is a writer, strategist, and investor who builds and optimizes profitable sales funnels. He is the author of The Sales Funnel Bible and other books.

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