Aaron Hoos’ weekly reading list: ‘Productivity, empire building, and sales’ edition

Aaron Hoos: Weekly reading list

I call this a “weekly reading list” but missed last week. Actually, I missed blogging a lot last week. :( Busy times around here. Really focusing on my whole Finish What You Start initiative.

But I love to blog and I’ve carved out a few minutes so here’s what I’m reading right now.

  • I don’t have time. Okay, I just posted that I missed last week’s blog posts because I am busy. But how busy am I really? This article by Christopher S. Penn hits me right between the eyeballs because it’s so true. It reminds me of a a blog post I wrote back in May, The one sentence that will make you more productive immediately, in which I said that you will make time for what’s truly important to you. This is a truth that we need to revisit every single hour of every single day. If you say you want to start growing your business but you’re out with our friends every night, your friends are more important than your business. If you say you want to start investing in real estate but you find yourself watching TV every evening after work then television is more important to you. If I said I wanted to post on my blog regularly but I’m doing other things instead then those other things are more important too me. Bah! It’s a mirror that doesn’t hide the blemishes.
  • Vision and innovation: How to see past the map. In this blog post, Chris Brogan talks about rising above your narrow vision (“the map”) to break free from what you think is real and to instead see the larger opportunities (“the territory”). He draws from the example of hiphop artists like Jay-Z who really aren’t artists but business people who build empires. He then goes on to explore how maps exist everywhere and he challenges readers to break the map. I have two takeaways from this article: First, I need to always push out of the map to view the territory. Second, I want to learn from those empire builders who understand that opportunity exists outside of their own skill-set.
  • Infographic: The Miami Heat’s formula for NBA domination. The previous article was about a hiphop artist. This one is about basketball. These are things I don’t normally talk about so you might be wondering if someone else is writing this post… but I swear it’s me! This post was interesting to me because it shows a “heat map”-style pattern of where the basketball team scores points when they face different types of defense. When defense is bad, they score a lot of points near the net. When defense is good, they’re scoring points from farther away. Okay, that’s not a huge revelation, I guess, but the takeaway for me is this: These patterns aren’t the result of luck. They’re the result of a bit of skill and a lot of hard work and practice and awareness. Think of your business in this way. With your marketing and sales efforts as the throwing dot and the line toward the basket, and your ability to close as the basket itself. When you do you sink the ball? How often? From farther away or closer to the basket? Build your own imaginary heat map based on what your customer base is like and how they respond to you.

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